Servicing & Maintenance

To protect yourself against the inconvenient downtime of a broken air conditioning system, you can arrange for our engineers to visit your site and carry out regular servicing or air conditioning maintenance.

Our experts are on hand for any advice 

If you organise a maintenance contract with Cooling Energy Services, our experienced team will endeavour to help keep your system functioning efficiently and delivering the environment you require.

To find out what individual or company maintenance contract is best for you, contact us on 01202 937550.

Ensure the best environment

We understand more than most the importance of having the perfect environment in your home and/or workplace. By servicing and maintaining your air conditioning system, it will be running at its optimum performance for a more substantial amount of time.

Cooling Energy Services is registered with the environment agency and we are F Gas Certificate accredited by Refcom Ltd. This further contributes as to why you should choose our engineers to carry out your air conditioning maintenance or servicing.

Air conditioning maintenance clients

The business and individuals that benefit from our air conditioning servicing and maintenance include retail, commercial, leisure and residential owners.

Maximise your return on investment

When you have an air conditioning system installed, you expect it to have a lengthy lifespan and to maintain a suitable environment for you.  Just like all other electrical equipment, you should regularly update and pay attention to your air conditioning to ensure it is running efficiently.

We offer all types of air conditioning maintenance packages to suit you and this will help avoid inconvenient downtime of your systems.

If we can be of assistance in any way, please contact us on 01202 937550.