Is your family in need of air conditioning?

For over 25 years, the expert CES team have a vast experience of installing domestic air conditioning in local homes.

In that time, we’ve worked with a full range of systems and have installed air conditioning in homes to meet the needs of the homeowner.

This includes; the purpose of the system, budget and usage.

Our air conditioning installers are experts in providing the installation, service and maintenance
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Domestic Air Conditioning

What benefits are there to air conditioning units in your home?

Domestic Air Conditioning

More comfortable home

Air conditioning can work to both cool down and heat up a room, which means you can benefit from the perfect home temperature to suit you, all year round.

Domestic Air Conditioning

Reduced energy bills

A regularly serviced domestic air conditioner runs efficiently. During the summer, it is common to use plug-in portable fans, but these can be expensive if used frequently.

Domestic Air Conditioning

Better sleep

As you sleep, your body temperature lowers naturally and so by introducing your body to a cooler environment and installing domestic air conditioning, you can stimulate sleep.

What air con systems are best for domestic clients?

Domestic Air Conditioning
  • Toshiba – This system is extremely reliable and highly efficient. Domestic air conditioning is much more versatile than most people think, as most systems can also be used for heating your home all your round. This is done by separate controls to adjust the temperature independently in each room.


  • Mitsubishi – A domestic air conditioning system that will provide you with the perfect internal environment for your home.


  • Daikin air conditioning – These air conditioning units comply with legislation and claim to create systems and technologies which are years ahead of the current standards. They also put an emphasis on renewable energy by promoting energy smart features.

At CES, every domestic air conditioning unit we install comes with a 1-3 year guarantee, depending on which brand you choose, so you can have the security knowing that if anything was to happen, your unit is covered.

Why do Dorset and Hampshire individuals choose CES for their air conditioning?


Over the past 25 years our air conditioning installers  have worked on a variety of homes, ranging from small to large domestic installations. We have experienced air conditioning specialists who ensure your system suits your needs.

No additional fees

We never trick our customers into any additional fees. To ensure that your domestic air conditioning installation is completed to the highest quality, our expert team will work carefully and quickly to deliver your requirements.

Health and safety regulations

Before we carry out any job, we complete a full health and safety survey on your home. Our team take hazards seriously and ensure that any issues are kept to an absolute minimum. This ensures the systems are safely installed.

Domestic Air Conditioning

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