Month: January 2018

5 Things to Consider when Choosing an Air Conditioning Service Company

As an air conditioning service company of over 25 years, we understand the potential hassle of owning or managing your air conditioning system. If you experience a fault or are in need of a new air conditioning solution, you don’t want to be searching for a short-term contractor who doesn’t serve your best interests.

To help you avoid this dilemma, we’ve pulled together 5 key things to take into consideration when selecting your air conditioning service company.


The ability to efficiently diagnose, install and maintain air conditioning systems in an affordable manner comes from years of industry exposure and experience. Our talented engineers at Cooling Energy Services all possess many years of relevant experience in dealing with air conditioning and have worked on a variety of commercial and residential projects. This allows us to be confident when visiting a client’s site in identifying any issues and recommending an effective solution to allow the optimum air conditioning to be achieved.

Services offered

So you need an air conditioning system installed? Great, we can help.

Need to look after it in the long run? Great, we can help.

Got any issues with it? We can help!

At Cooling Energy Services, we can offer a one-off service but prefer to provide our clients with an appropriate service agreement. We know the importance of having someone to call in case something goes wrong and offer our clients a full service package to ensure their systems are in tip top condition all year round!

Where possible, we provide quick call out response times to help resolve issues imminently!

Air conditioning maintenance is important as it can help reduce overall running costs, provide the appropriate level of comfort for your customers and staff, and for the preservation of products. We recommend air conditioning units receive a routine service at least twice a year. Read more about the importance of air conditioning maintenance in our blog post here.

5 things to consider when choosing an air conditioning service company

Approved Installers

Working on a variety of sites means we’ve been exposed to a large range of manufacturer’s products and as such, we have become experts in working with the top air conditioning system brands. A few of our top brands include:

  • Daikin
  • Mitsubishi
  • Toshiba
  • Fujitsu
  • Samsung

Our engineers will always utilise the latest technology and advanced products available to ensure an efficient system is installed.

Industry certificates

The boring but important stuff – these certifications aren’t here to look pretty! When choosing an air conditioning service company, you need to ensure they are licensed, approved and certified to carry out the services they offer.

At Cooling Energy Services, we are both Safecontractor and CHAS approved; these are recognised memberships which we have obtained to reassure clients of our safe working and the importance we place on health and safety whilst on site. We are also a member of Construction Line which means our practices are aligned with government and industry standards.

On an individual level, we make sure all our engineers hold F-Gas certification from Refcom and are Health & Safety accredited. Finally, we are registered with The Environment Agency which means we take certain measures to reduce potential pollution on the environment.

Our established reputation and various memberships all contribute to ensuring that every job we complete is done safely and to a high standard.

Solutions that save you money

A quick fix may seem like a good idea at the time of an incident or fault, but a reputable air conditioning service company should recommend long-term solutions. When you have an effective solution in place and one that is maintained well, you are likely to avoid unexpected faults and therefore, save you and your business money in the long term!

We consider all available solutions in order to make an educated recommendation on the best systems for you.

We hope the above help put you on track to finding an air conditioning service company you can rely on! If you have questions or need help with your air conditioning system, please give our experts a call on 01202 937 550 or send us a message here.