What are the best air conditioning systems?

Air conditioning systems come in many shapes, sizes and price tags, and with so many available on the market how do you know which makes or models to install? Whether you need an air conditioning system for your home, office or commercial space, there will be an appropriate, affordable option available to you. At Cooling… Read more »

Air conditioning Installation for Restaurants

The importance of air conditioning The English weather can be so unpredictable, therefore the comfort of the office, your favourite store, your home or restaurant can be a safe haven. However, without efficient air conditioning installed in these premises, the indoor temperatures can prove uncomfortable. Restaurants and cafes often have a particularly difficult time keeping… Read more »

Which commercial air conditioning solution is right my business?

Choosing a suitable commercial air conditioning solution can be an undesirable decision which you may want to avoid handling. With so many manufacturers now offering different models of AC units, we thought it would be helpful to compile a simple guide to choosing the right commercial air con solution for you and your business. At… Read more »

Guide to choosing the best contractor
for air conditioning Bournemouth

Why is air conditioning maintenance important? We can rely on air conditioning systems at home, within the workplace and throughout our day-to-day lives, and more often than not, we forget about them until something goes wrong! The pain of a broken system or needing to replace an air conditioner is unnecessary hassle to you or your

Air conditioning maintenance checklist

Neglecting necessary air conditioning maintenance may result in your AC units underperforming, using increased energy and in turn, costing you more money to operate. To help avoid inefficiencies and issues, our expert air conditioning engineers would recommend you complete the following maintenance tasks on your AC system. Weekly air conditioning maintenance tasks you can do… Read more »

What Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance
should I do?

Air conditioning preventive maintenance when regularly conducted is a great way to help ensure the efficiency and longevity of your systems. As with most mechanical devices, there is maintenance you can do yourself and some that will require a professional air conditioning engineer to complete. Over the years, the team here at Cooling Energy Services

Air Conditioning Heating Solutions

Are you fed up of waking up in a cold bedroom or working in a chilly office? Prepare for winter with an efficient home, hotel, retail or office air conditioning heating unit. Air conditioning units can often be a cheaper, more efficient option for quickly warming up space when compared to traditional central heating or… Read more »

Prepare for Winter with Air Conditioning Maintenance

With winter creeping in, the last thing you want is for your air conditioning systems to break. At Cooling Energy Services, we offer a winter maintenance service to make sure your systems are working efficiently and able to deliver the desired room temperature. Our knowledgeable technicians are experienced in identifying and resolving the common problems… Read more »

Bournemouth Air Conditioning Solutions

As an air conditioning installer in the Bournemouth area, we work with companies of all sizes, ranging from local hospitals, retail stores and offices through to hotels and restaurants! Recently, our Dorset air con specialists completed the installation of an air conditioning system in a popular Italian restaurant in Verwood. Our air con installers are… Read more »