How you can use your air conditioning system in the winter

With Christmas well and truly on its way, and the UK weather feeling almost arctic, many office managers may have turned off their air conditioning systems with plans to not turn them back on again until next spring. The same could be said for your domestic air conditioning system that may have been abandoned for the central heating.

In this article, we take a closer look at why your air conditioning is just as important in colder months, and why you should consider getting a system installed this winter.

Maintenance is crucial

For those of you who already own an air conditioning system, you may understand the importance of regularly maintaining your units to keep them in the best condition throughout the year. Winter maintenance is vital, and its importance is can sometimes be underestimated.

The simplest maintenance can prevent more serious and difficult to rectify air conditioning problems later down the line. Things to check include:

  • Check the air filters and replace them if needed
  • Calibrate your thermostat and adjust the settings for the optimal environment
  • Check for leaks and repair accordingly
  • Clean the fans and vents

Much like your car air conditioning, it’s advised that you turn it on at regular intervals.

Read our article for a full guide to maintaining your air conditioning system in the winter.

Regular maintenance can save you time and money as it reduces the likelihood of costly repairs or a full system replacement in the future. To organise air conditioning maintenance for your home or business, please get in touch with our team. We offer no-obligation quotes and free site surveys. Call 01202 937 550 or email us on

Improve conditions for your workers

Winter air quality is generally poorer than in the spring and summer due to the rising humidity levels and reduced ventilation. Pollutants, allergens and contaminants thrive in these conditions, which creates unhealthy working conditions for your staff.

An air conditioner’s filtration system provides many advantages all year round to domestic or commercial systems, but especially in the winter when you’re less likely to open a window to let fresh air in. Installing an air conditioning system in the winter means your employees can enjoy a healthy and comfortable working environment, all year round.

Not just for cooling

It’s a common misconception that air conditioning systems can only be used in the summer to cool down a room or office. However, most systems can produce heat in order to keep your house or office warm during the colder months.

It can do this by reversing the direction of airflow using valves that are electrically operated. This means the air conditioner gets hot instead of cold while the outside condenser gets cold instead of hot. This makes an air-con system extremely versatile and cost-effective, allowing it to be used all year round.

Easy installations

Installing air conditioning in the winter means you’ll less likely be under pressure with the installation. This is often the case in summer when people scrabble to get systems installed quickly to cope with the hot weather. You will not only be able to enjoy warm, optimum temperatures but be able to look forward to summer knowing there will be no more sleepless nights in a stuffy overheated bedroom or feeling sluggish when trying to work in the office.

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