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Ventilation Services

Expert engineers for the full range of ventilation services including installations, servicing and repairs in Bournemouth, Southampton, Dorset & Hampshire

Is the air stale in your property, shop or office building area? Is it causing any health problems with your staff? Are they always under the weather with returning colds, headaches, tiredness or being irritable? If so, you probably have poor ventilation with little or no fresh air being supplied to the vital areas.

The importance of ventilation

To overcome these problems the use of ventilation systems is a must. They can be both natural or mechanical and are usually combined with supply and extract air handling units systems which are connected to duct work along with any additional heating and cooling.

On larger systems, you can reduce the need for heating and cooling a room, premise or warehouse by recirculating a proportion of internal air. Often the extraction of internal air then replacing it with outside air can be an unnecessary exercise which can be reduced. Alternatively, you can recover ventilation (HRV) by pre-heating the incoming fresh air.

Our chosen air conditioning manufacturers

Cooling Energy Services are leading providers of comfort cooling; heat pump air conditioning systems; and supply and extract mechanical ventilation systems.

We only use systems from leading manufacturers to provide the ultimate solutions such as:

  • Daikin
  • Mitsubishi
  • Toshiba
  • Vent-Axia
  • Nu-aire 

Ventilation services

We can supply, install, maintain and repair all types of ventilation systems in your existing working environments to provide the flow of fresh air that ultimately may help provide a more comfortable environment for you and your staff.

If we are able to help you out with any of the above, then please contact us on 01202 937 550 for a free survey and quotation.