Why you should consider getting your office air conditioning Southampton installed this winter

When you think of air conditioning, you may just think it’s necessary for summer to keep you and your staff cool, but office air conditioning is actually an all year round necessity. In this article, we look at the advantages of getting air conditioning installed in your Southampton office this winter.

Maintain optimum room temperatures

The air conditioning units that we supply to offices benefit from having hot and cold air capabilities, which mean you can benefit from perfect office temperatures all year round. Staff will feel much more comfortable in an office that isn’t matching the 2-degree temperatures we get outside in the depths of winter. The user-friendly air conditioning installations that we integrate into many offices in and around Southampton provide a simple solution, and we always ensure your staff will get the correct training to use the systems if needs-be.

Avoid moisture damage

It’s important to remember that an air con unit is for conditioning, not cooling, so it’s job is to keep the air adequately conditioned. In the summer months, this will keep the air circulating properly and help to cool down the room, in cooler periods of the year, an air conditioning unit will help you to avoid moisture damage within an office helping you to avoid mold and damp patches in areas that are at risk the most.

Heating units that are hidden

We’ve all been there, December hits and everyone is sat at their desk in scarves and hats, with their small heating unit blasting out hot air, and before long, you have a sea of heaters taking up the office space. The office air conditioning units that we install are discreet and will be able to heat a whole room effectively, without the use of extra units.

A cost-effective temperature control solution for your Southampton office

Does your electric bill ramp up at this time of the year? Small personal heating units use a lot of energy and are usually not very energy efficient, let alone cost-effective. By installing air conditioning in your office, you are likely to understand how much electricity you are using and therefore will be able to save money in the long run.

Installed by professionals

By choosing Cooling Energy Services for your air conditioning Southampton, you will benefit from 25 years of experience from professionals within the industry. We’ve been installing, servicing, maintaining and repairing office air conditioning for many businesses, both large and small in Dorset and Hampshire, so we will know the best solution for you.

We also offer an extensive repair service for air conditioning Southampton, find out more in one of our recent blog posts here.

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