Is it worth investing in conservatory air conditioning in Dorset or Hampshire?

Your conservatory is likely to be one of the most underused spaces in your home. For significant periods of the year your conservatory is often either too cold or too hot to comfortably inhabit, even with the mild winters that we enjoy in Dorset and Hampshire. Radiators are an obvious solution for the winter months, when the average low on the South Coast is around 4C, but they do nothing to cool you down on a sunny summer’s day.

The South Coast counties including Dorset, Hampshire, Sussex and Kent enjoy more sunshine than anywhere else in the UK, with around 1750 hours of sun per year. Of course, your conservatory is specifically designed to trap the heat of the sun, so it doesn’t take long in the sunshine for the solar heating effect to become uncomfortable.

“Conservatory air conditioning systems provide a constant temperature, enabling you to enjoy your conservatory in comfort, all year round”.

You probably feel that your conservatory being vacant for large parts of the year is a real shame. If you’re anything like me, no doubt you think that your conservatory is one of the most pleasant spaces in your home to relax in.

As you’re reading this, you’re already aware that conservatory air conditioning is an option to make your conservatory a pleasant environment, all year round, from the depths of winter to the height of summer. However, you may be unsure about whether having a new aircon unit installed in your conservatory is money well spent. After all, with a significant outlay involved in having a conservatory built in the first instance, you may be less than enthusiastic about spending yet more cash on the room.

In this article, we explore the main benefits that conservatory air conditioning systems provide. Let’s run through some key reasons why the extra investment in conservatory air conditioning in Dorset and Hampshire could be one of the most valued investments you’ve made in your home.

Why installing conservatory air conditioning could be one of your most valued home investments in Dorset and Hampshire?

Overcomes solar overheating

The very purpose of a conservatory is to provide a room that traps the solar heat energy from sunlight. Your conservatory is designed to create a warm space in which you can relax. By their very nature, however, even when it’s not the height of summer, direct sunlight can continue to build the temperature until it’s stiflingly hot.

As mentioned earlier in this article, on the South Coast of England, we enjoy more sunny days than inhabitants of anywhere else in Britain. In fact, according to Wikipedia, Weymouth residents enjoy around 230 hours of sunshine per month between May and August. On summer days with more than a few hours of bright sunshine, conservatory air conditioning can provide a welcome relief.

What could be more pleasant than relaxing in a nice and cool conservatory, with the bright sunshine of a warm day pouring through the glass? Conservatory air conditioning can enable you to enjoy the sunshine and the view into the garden, even when solar heat is building up. Simply switch on your system as soon as you feel a heat build-up and conservatory overheating is an issue of the past for you.

Provides a genuinely multipurpose room

One of the very best things about having a conservatory is that the room is suited to doing almost anything in it. Having an air conditioning system in your conservatory means that you can enjoy the multipurpose functionality of the room all-year-round. Whether the children are using it as a playroom, you need to get some work done, or you are entertaining friends, your conservatory really will be the most useful space in your home when it comes with a guaranteed constant temperature.
Winter heating

We’ve already mentioned the value of cooling in summer, but how about on a cold day in winter? Even in the relatively mild counties of Dorset and Hampshire, the average low in February is 3.7C. Today, most air conditioning systems have the capability to provide heat in addition to cooling. It’s just as much fun to snuggle down in winter, cosy and comfortable beneath the winter night skies, as it is to enjoy basking in the bright light of a summer’s day. With the dual capabilities of heating and cooling that modern air con systems provide, you get more value from your investment as you are benefiting from using your conservatory all year long.

Energy efficient air conditioning saves you money

Based on electricity costs of 14p per kWh, your total annual running costs of conservatory air conditioning in Dorset and Hampshire is likely to be under £175, based on a conservatory of up to 4m * 4m. A small price to pay for allowing you to enjoy your conservatory 365 days a year.

Why choose CES to install your conservatory air conditioning in Dorset and Hampshire?

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“We can find a suitable air conditioning solution for all conservatories”

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Every conservatory air conditioning unit we install comes with a 1-3 year guarantee depending on the manufacturer, so you can rest assured knowing your unit is covered.

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