The benefits of regularly servicing your air conditioning in Southampton, Hampshire and the South Coast

During the stifling heatwave this summer, with temperatures in Hampshire regularly rocketing to over 28C, our commercial air conditioning systems proved an invaluable asset to our clients in Southampton, Hampshire and across the South Coast. When outside temperatures soar in summer and tumble in winter, the value of air conditioning is clear. Regardless of the weather outside, commercial air conditioning keeps staff, customers, stock, and premises at a happily consistent temperature.

Now that winter is upon us, we thought that it’s the ideal time to highlight the importance of air conditioning servicing, to keep your air con running smoothly and fully prepared for next year’s heatwave or this winter’s cold snap. After working so hard last summer, a thorough system check over by an experienced engineer will also identify any warn-down parts, so that they can be replaced in good time, to extend the life of the system, avoid any downtime and save you money.

Regular air conditioning maintenance and servicing will help the system to perform better in the long run. In fact, we estimate that routine maintenance can help an older system to maintain up to 95 percent of its original operating efficiency. Every ounce of that operational efficiency is there to be called upon when temperatures rocket in summer, or when the inevitable cold snap hits us this winter. Even during our long spells of moderate temperatures, regularly serviced air conditioning systems, performing at their expected operational efficiency, offer a range of benefits, from increased energy efficiency to fewer air conditioning repairs.

Below, we highlight some key benefits of having your air conditioning system regularly serviced.

Increased energy efficiency

Regular servicing by an air conditioning engineer keeps the system running more efficiently. Clogged filters, dirty coils, and other issues make the system work harder to do its job, using more energy in the process. An inefficient air conditioning system means higher energy bills and bigger carbon footprints. Inefficient systems are bad for the environment and your wallet!

Longer lifespan

As with any major piece of equipment, regular servicing will extend the operational lifespan of your system. Although there’s always a limit to how long any model is going to last, regular care and attention, by a qualified professional, will ensure that you get full value from your air conditioning installation. It’s important to note that one faulty part within the system can put additional stress on other components. The sooner faulty parts are replaced, the more efficiently the system will run overall.

Fewer repairs and lower overall running costs

If you’ve experienced a breakdown, where your air conditioning system seems to be running fine then, unexpectedly, the system suddenly stops working, you’re not alone. During our many years of installing, maintaining and fixing air con systems, we’re all too familiar with systems which have broken down ‘out of the blue’. Suddenly you need costly emergency repairs. Often, these unexpected repairs could be managed, or avoided altogether, with routine servicing and maintenance.

When you call out Cooling Energy Services to service your air conditioning system, our technicians will check for worn-down or damaged parts, to recommend their immediate replacement. At the same time, cleaning important components, like the air filters and the condensers, will extend the life of components and delay the need to replace them.

Improved air quality

Open up the front panel of any air conditioning system and you won’t be in any doubt that the system is cleaning the air in your environment. Unless it’s been cleaned very recently, or brand new, you will see lots of dust build-up in the air filter. The more dust that has built up in the air filter, the less effective the air purifying function of the system will be.

Regular air con servicing ensures that everyone is breathing cleaner air. During your service, our engineers will clean the air filters, or replace them if needed, to ensure that the filter is working as it should do.

How often should your air conditioning be serviced?

The frequency that your air conditioning system should be serviced depends on several factors, including the model, its age and how it’s used. To keep running costs at a minimum, and to keep temperatures at the appropriate levels of comfort, manufacturers typically recommend that air conditioning units receive a routine service at least twice a year.

Next steps to affordable air conditioning servicing

CES perform air conditioning servicing in Southampton, Hampshire, Bournemouth, Dorset and across the South of England. We provide affordable maintenance packages to businesses including retail outlets, commercial buildings, leisure establishments and householders.

To learn more about air conditioning maintenance in Southampton and surrounding areas, call us now on 01202 937 550 or contact us online and a member of our friendly team will be in touch shortly.