Tax Incentives For Commercial Air Conditioning Installations in Dorset & Hampshire

Today’s technologies enable air conditioning to be very energy efficient, compared with other heating and cooling systems. In a quest to control emissions since signing up to the Kyoto Protocol, the UK government has set up a number of incentives to encourage businesses to install air conditioning.

Increasingly, government and consumers are recognising the many financial and environmental benefits to installing air conditioning. This is great news for savvy businesses, who can now take advantage of the various financial incentives which are available to install air conditioning, rather than a conventional heating and cooling system.

Heat Pump Air Conditioning Can Be 40% Cheaper Than Gas Central Heating

Experts estimate that heat pump air conditioning systems save over 2 tonnes of carbon emissions each year compared with conventional forms of heating and cooling.

On top of the obvious environmental benefits, heat pump driven air conditioning can save you thousands of pounds on your commercial energy bills. Heat pump inverter driven systems are around 30% – 40% cheaper to run than gas central heating and around 50% – 60% cheaper to run than electric heating.

Heat pump systems also deliver the added bonus of cooling, to provide all-year-round climate control for your premises and staff.

Cooling Energy Services are leading providers of comfort cooling, heat pump air conditioning and extract mechanical ventilation systems throughout Dorset and Hampshire.

Government incentives to encourage businesses to install air conditioning

In the past decade or so, the UK government has set up a range of incentives to encourage businesses to install air conditioning over conventional heating and cooling systems. Today, commercial customers can save big money on HVAC installations, by taking advantage incentives such as interest-free loans and the Enhanced Capital Gains scheme.

Domestic air conditioning installations are also being encouraged by a reduced rate of 5% VAT. Charities, care homes and other third sector organisations can also benefit from the reduced VAT incentive scheme.

Whether you are a domestic or commercial customer, Cooling Energy Services can advise on available tax incentives for installing a new air conditioning system.

Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme for air conditioning

Companies may be able to claim back up to 100% of the cost of air conditioning equipment purchased in the first year of tax allowances, under the Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) scheme for energy saving technologies. This means that businesses can write off the entire cost of the HVAC products against taxable profits, in the year of purchase.

To qualify for this tax incentive, the purchased air conditioning equipment must be on the government’s Energy Technology List. The following types of HVAC equipment are covered under the HVAC category of the Energy Technology List:

  • Building Environment Zone Controls – automatically control the environment in an energy efficient manner, by controlling the amount of heating, cooling or ventilation that is applied to rooms or defined areas within a building known as ‘Zones’
  • Active Chilled Beams – designed to deliver chilled air into an environment in order to achieve comfortable conditions for living and working
  • Close Control Air Conditioning – equipment designed to control the temperature in rooms and enclosures containing heat generating equipment or heat generating processes
  • Evaporative Air Coolers – a device that cools air through evaporation of water

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Choose energy efficient air conditioning installations by CES

Cooling Energy Services are experts for air conditioning installations in Dorset and Hampshire. From small shops to large commercial buildings, you can trust our experienced air conditioning engineers to install the best energy efficient air conditioning system to meet the needs of your business requirements.

CES only install Energy A+++ rated equipment.

Energy efficient air conditioning systems by leading manufacturers

We supply, install and manage energy efficient air conditioning systems from the world’s most trusted manufacturers, including:

  • Daikin
  • Mitsubishi
  • Toshiba
  • Fujitsu
  • Samsung

The Cooling Energy Services guarantee

Every CES air conditioning installation comes complete with a 1-3 year guarantee, depending on the system manufacturer. With CES you can be sure that you will receive the very highest standards of service, as our engineers hold all of the necessary Health and Safety Certifications, including Safecontractor and Chas.

Take a look at a project we completed for Garmin air conditioning installation in Southampton.

If you are interested in an air conditioning system installation from us in Dorset, Hampshire or the South East, please contact us for a free survey. Our friendly and experienced team are able to provide an estimation of the work that will be needed. We can also advise on equipment options which meet the government’s requirements to be eligible to apply for the tax incentive schemes such as the ECA.