How we, as air conditioning installers, choose the best solution for your domestic or commercial installs

When Googling ‘Air conditioning installer’ you are likely to be bombarded with a list of companies that may be promoting offers that sounds too good to be true. In most cases, these cheap offers are just a way to get you through the door before they bump up your quote and get you fixed into a contract you can’t get out of, or even worse, provide a system that in the long run is going to cost you much more.

We’ve also found that many air conditioning companies will offer a more ‘one size fits all’ approach, which isn’t, in our experience, the best way to provide a customer with a suitable system.

When we are speaking to our domestic air conditioning or commercial air conditioning clients, it’s apparent very early on that their needs are not always the same. For this reason, we supply and install a huge variety of systems to match their criteria.

So, how do we go about choosing the right air con system for you?

Domestic air conditioning clients

Firstly, we need to see your home as the space in which you want your air conditioning unit to be placed will have a huge impact on which system we would recommend. Is it being placed in a large conservatory as you’re finding it hard to bare during the hot summer months? Or maybe, you want a unit that can be used all year round, heating and cooling your whole home? These questions are hard to get answers to by just a simple phone call, so we always meet you!

Next, we will establish your budget. Domestic air conditioning comes in all shapes and sizes, which means we can match your system to many different price brackets too.

To give you an example, we work with many manufacturers of air conditioning systems, but some focus on large units that are more suited to commercial spaces, so we can immediately rule these out.

Once budget and space has been established, we will look at your usage. You don’t want to pay a premium for a system that you only plan to use a couple of months a year. Saying that, domestic air conditioning is much more versatile than most people think, so most systems can be used for heating your home all your round as well.

Commercial air conditioning clients

As well as completing a similar scenario for our business clients, there are even more factors to consider when we are recommending the best system for our commercial air conditioning clients.

In some instances, for example when we have provided systems for large factories, the system is going to need to run 24/7. Something as vital as this is going to have to be powerful enough to fulfill its requirements, as well as be energy efficient so you don’t spend huge amounts every month to keep it going.

The top 3 commercial air conditioning brands we choose to use are:

  • Daikin
  • Mitsubishi
  • Toshiba

Among a few others, we trust these tried and tested products to supply you with the best unit for your money.

We will also need to look at how the unit will fit in with your current business decor, do you want something that is concealed or are you looking for a wall-mounted solution? Don’t forget, portable air conditioning can also be an option, just speak to our team.

“​Cooling Energy Services have been the preferred supplier at Garmin Europe Limited since April 2015. Rob Jones has been very helpful and knowledgeable in resolving any Air Conditioning issues including repairs, breakdowns and project work on our 157’000 square foot location near Southampton.” – Garmin (Europe) Ltd

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