Air Conditioning Maintenance FAQ’s

As a small business ourselves, we understand all-too-well when our commercial air conditioning clients hesitate when we mention a routine air conditioning service or regular maintenance package. Air conditioning maintenance can look like ‘yet another overhead’. You may well be asking yourself – do I really need air conditioning maintenance?

Another question that we are often posed is, what do you actually do during an air conditioning service? You shell out the cash but what’s really being done? In this article, we answer those common questions, and some of the other key questions, that we have been frequently asked by our Dorset and Hampshire commercial air conditioning clients over the years.

Here at Cooling Energy Services, our highly experienced engineers are ready and able to keep your system running smoothly. If you have an air conditioning installation in your home or business, it really is important to keep your system maintained. Here are some of the questions the CES team are frequently asked in relation to air conditioning maintenance.

How long will our air conditioning system last if it’s regularly maintained?

With regular air conditioning maintenance, to keep the system in full working order, you can realistically expect your air conditioning installation to last for 15 years or more. On the flip side, a system which is neglected can have a drastically reduced lifespan.

Will air conditioning maintenance prevent breakdowns all together?

Although it is impossible to guarantee that any complex system is 100% fail-proof, regular inspection by a professional air conditioning engineer has an obvious benefit of reducing the risk of breakdowns.

During a CES air conditioning service, our engineers check all of the important components and will recommend and perform a replacement if a component is showing signs of requiring it.

A poorly maintained system means increases the risk of you needing unforeseen emergency air conditioning repairs. For businesses, a commercial air conditioning breakdown can mean lost revenues, in addition to the inconvenience.

Will air conditioning maintenance save money?

Let’s talk bottom-line! Regular air conditioning maintenance helps the system to run more efficiently. In fact, experts estimate that routine maintenance can help to maintain up to 95% of the systems original operating performance. Of course, better energy efficiency means lower electrical bills. On top of that, operational efficiency also means lower humidity levels (which helps to reduce building maintenance costs) and fewer potential repair bills, as the system will suffer from reduced ‘wear and tear’.

In our many years of repairing air conditioning systems in Southampton, Hampshire and Dorset, all too often, the costly repairs could have been managed or avoided with routine air con servicing and maintenance.

What’s included in an air conditioning service?

Depending on your system make and model, your CES air con engineer will conduct a variety of key checks during your air conditioning service. Important service checks typically include:

  • Visual checks of the air conditioning units and the surrounding environment, including checks for rust, water exposure, obvious breaks or ‘wear and tear’.
  • Circuit testing to ensure the electrical elements of the system are working safely.
  • Cleaning components of the units such as filters, the condenser coil and drains.
  • Inspecting the motors and checking they are lubricated appropriately.
  • Calibrating the thermostat.

At CES, we prefer to think of ourselves as more than just a service provider. As your air conditioning partner, our experienced engineers use their expertise to match the service to your specific requirements. Whilst on-premise, our engineers will check everything that is important for your particular system to run smoothly.

How often should an air conditioning system be serviced?

Although the recommended frequency for servicing your system is dependent on the specific model and manufacturer, we recommend that systems are checked at least once a year as a minimum. If your system is in-use throughout the year, we recommend a service in spring and autumn, when cooling and heating demands are lower. Spring and autumn servicing ensure the system is ready for the summer and winter periods when it’s likely to be working hardest.

A scheduled air conditioning maintenance package ensures that your air conditioning service won’t be overlooked. Here at CES, we offer regular maintenance service contracts to keep the maintenance work regular and consistent.

To get more advice about how often your system should be serviced, or to find out about our scheduled maintenance packages, call us on 01202 937 550 or click to contact us online.

Will air conditioning maintenance make our rooms more comfortable to inhabit?

An important, but often overlooked benefit of routine air conditioning maintenance is that it helps the system to provide better air quality.

If you have any doubts about whether your air conditioning is cleaning the air in your home or business, simply open the front panel and take a look at the filter. Unless the filter has been cleaned recently or its brand new, you’ll see plenty of dust clogging up the filter. The more debris accumulated in your air conditioning filter, the less effective the system will be at purifying the air.

Cleaning or replacing the filter is one of the key jobs that the air conditioning engineer will perform during a service. Regularly cleaning the filter leads to better air quality, and a more pleasant and healthy environment for all those who inhabit it.

Why do I need air conditioning maintenance?

Let’s recap. Regular air conditioning maintenance, performed by your selected air conditioning partner, brings a range of important benefits that, we believe, make it a ‘no brainer’ investment:

  • Savings on energy bills
  • Fewer repair bills
  • Less downtime (or none at all)
  • A more environmentally friendly system
  • Better air quality and more consistent room temperatures

If you opt for a tailored scheduled maintenance contract with CES, you will also benefit from significantly lower overall running costs, peace of mind, not to mention less admin. With a CES maintenance contract, you can enjoy a ‘no hassle’ experience with your air conditioning.

Why should I choose CES to maintain my air conditioning system?

CES air conditioning engineers all hold F-Gas certification from Refcom and are fully trained in Health & Safety. Our company is accredited by Safecontractor, CHAS and Construction Line, ensuring that our practices adhere to health and safety requirements.

We offer a 24/7 call out service, so no matter when an issue occurs our engineers are on hand to help.

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