Month: July 2019

How commercial air conditioning improves productivity in the office

With the heatwave that we’ve all been experiencing this month, it’s no surprise, as Brits, that we’ve still managed to get in our fair share of moaning about the weather… yes, we all love the sunshine… but working in a 30 degree office isn’t ideal.

We feel your pain and want to make sure your staff don’t feel uncomfortable when they come to work. In addition to the comfort aspect of the sweltering temperatures we’re seeing, the heat can also have a massive impact on your staff’s productivity too. This is where commercial air conditioning comes in!

Heat makes us all tired…

Unless you’re lucky enough to be sat by a pool in a Mediterranean country drinking sangria, hot temperatures really take their toll and will leave your staff feeling sleepy and drowsy. This can lead to a lack of concentration and therefore reduced productivity… this tiredness can also affect your staff’s quality of work (trust us, this has been scientifically proven!)

Did you know the ideal temperature for an office is around 20 degrees?

30 degree heat = 30% less work

Ok, so this may not be scientifically proven, but it’s not rocket science to work this one out… in hot temperatures, your staff will spend far more time going outside to cool down, popping to the kitchen to get water and generally ‘faffing’ to make themselves feel comfortable. All these minutes add up to time wasted! Imagine you have an office of 30 people all wasting 20-30 minutes a day on these tasks, that’s a whopping 75 hours a week!

Staff morale will plummet… 

Staff spend so much time at work, it’s important to keep their spirits high at all possible opportunities. Whilst a round of ice creams can help cool them off temporarily, eventually your staff will get grouchy and moral will start to hit rock bottom. Happy workers = increased productivity and commercial air con will definitely boost it!

Summer heatwaves leave your computers feeling exhausted too… 

It’s not just your staff you need to consider, technology will suffer too. Computers that are subject to overheating will run much slower, and in the worst case just give up on you completely.

Ready to get commercial air conditioning installed, here are some FAQs…

Q. Do you need planning permission for commercial air conditioning?

In most cases, this won’t be necessary. If your units will be consolidated indoors and not causing any obstruction, planning permission won’t be needed. The only time you may need to get planning permission is if the unit has to be placed outside and requires the building to be extended.

Q. Can you only use commercial air conditioning in the summer?

No definitely not! Commercial air conditioning units can also be used to heat your office in the winter, so you can use them all year round to get the optimum room temperature.

Q. Are the air conditioning installers you use certified to complete commercial air conditioning?

Cooling Energy Services is a Safecontractor and CHAS approved air conditioning company along with being a member of Construction Line. All our air conditioning installers hold F-Gas certification from Refcom and are Health & Safety accredited.

Q. Will you have a choice in the air conditioning unit used in the office?

Yes, we will always make the best recommendations based on your business needs and requirements, but we are never restricted to just 1 system, make or model so we will show you your options and go from there.

Q. Can you have air conditioning in a commercial kitchen?

Yes, you can – but not any old system. Commercial kitchens require specialist systems to deal with the intensity of the temperatures common in this type of environment. Speak to our team about this >>

Contact our air conditioning installers today… 

If your staff are complaining about the heat, speak to our air conditioning installers today who can pop over to complete a free site survey. This survey will allow us to establish the best system for your office, and whilst we are there we can discuss the next steps to getting your commercial air conditioning setup.

Get in touch by giving us a call on 07870 703 751 or 01202 937 550, alternatively send us an email on We look forward to hearing from you!