Month: March 2018

Guide to choosing the best contractor
for air conditioning Bournemouth

Why is air conditioning maintenance important? We can rely on air conditioning systems at home, within the workplace and throughout our day-to-day lives, and more often than not, we forget about them until something goes wrong! The pain of a broken system or needing to replace an air conditioner is unnecessary hassle to you or your business. We aim to take that pain away from you.

At Cooling Energy Services, we have helped many clients overcome issues with their systems which may have been avoided if they had regular aircon maintenance organised. We recently pulled together an air conditioning maintenance checklist which runs through some of the key checks you should be doing on your systems.

Why choose a contractor over ad-hoc maintenance and repairs?

By working with an air conditioning contractor in Bournemouth, you will have peace of mind knowing your air conditioning systems are in good hands. Your contractor will become experienced with your systems and will be able to diagnose any issues quickly.

A contracted air conditioning company will provide regular maintenance which is more effective in improving the longevity of the systems. This will likely reduce costs in the long run, as any issues can be identified early on and therefore can avoid larger breakages or problems which may lead to expensive repairs!

Regular maintenance provided by your selected partner also means you can ensure the systems are safe to operate and are in line with the Electricity at Work regulations.

Finally, air conditioning systems offer comfort for your customers and employees in your shop or office. Ensure you have a trusted partner in place to quickly deal with any issues and provide regular maintenance so you can avoid any potential downtime or disturbance.

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What to look for in an air conditioning contractor in Bournemouth?

With a number of air conditioning professionals around, how can you ensure you choose the right partner for you?

There are a few key factors to consider when searching:

  • Qualifications & accreditations: There are many reputable associations which you should make sure your chosen partner has; these demonstrate that the company follows regulation standards and in particular, meets health and safety regulations. These may include CHAS, Safe Contractor and Construction Line.
  • Efficient processes: Air conditioning maintenance shouldn’t waste your time, therefore finding an air conditioning contractor in Bournemouth who works quickly and with minimal disturbance to your business is important.
  • Rigorous service: No two air conditioning systems are the same, and as such a professional air conditioning engineer should fully inspect your system ahead of quoting or carrying out any work.

Why choose CES as your air conditioning contractor?

At Cooling Energy Services, all our engineers hold F-Gas certification from Refcom and are Health & Safety accredited. We ensure our staff keep up to date with any health and safety training to ensure they, our clients and the site are safe during any inspections, installations and maintenance visits.

Our engineers ensure minimal disruption to your business and aim to complete any air conditioning maintenance or installations quickly whilst ensuring the work is done to a high quality standard. The team will interrogate your air conditioning systems ahead of quoting and ensure the issues, if any, are identified.

We offer quick call-out service to our clients – so if you ever run into any issues we will be there!

Client testimonial

“CES understand the high standards that our company have and are most efficient in delivering well within time limits. I would highly recommend working with them”. – Account Manager @ CBRE-EMEA

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