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Air conditioning installers in Dorset & Hampshire, why choose CES for your air con installation?

Finding suitable air conditioning installers to install a new system in your business can be an unwelcome distraction that you may want to avoid handling. After all, you are busy running your business. With so many air conditioning suppliers vying for your business, it can be confusing. We thought it would be helpful to compile a simple guide on key factors to consider when choosing the best air conditioning installers in Dorset and Hampshire, for you and your business.

Whether you need to cool down a small shop, or a large commercial building, choosing the best commercial air conditioning installers will ensure you get the most cost-effective system, installed and maintained with minimal disturbance to your operations.

When evaluating air conditioning installers in Dorset and Hampshire, consider these important factors to get an air conditioning solution that meets your needs and enhances your business:

Selecting air conditioning installers? Consider these important factors

Established air conditioning service company

There is no substitute for experience! Over the years, CES engineers have installed air conditioning in the full range of businesses and environments. When it comes to air conditioning, we’ve seen it all!

With over 30 years’ experience, CES engineers are experts in all aspects of air conditioning solutions from installation, to maintenance and servicing, and repairs

Trusted experts

Our established reputation as a leading air conditioning company in Dorset and Hampshire has been built on our commitment to providing high-quality air-conditioning installations, backed by excellent service.

“CES understand the high standards that our company have and are most efficient in delivering well within time limits. I would highly recommend working with them. – Account Manager @ CBRE-EMEA

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Bespoke air conditioning solutions that meet unique business needs

Air conditioning systems come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and price tags. With so many systems available on the market, how do you know which make and model is the best fit for your space and your requirements? That’s where our experience comes in. We work with all leading air conditioning system manufacturers.

Whether you need to cool an office, temperature-control a warehouse, or refrigerate a food-store, our team will advise on the most effective and affordable options available.

Competitive prices

Here at Cooling Energy Services, we understand the importance of delivering the optimal solution within budget. After we’ve visited your premises to conduct a site survey, our team will work hard to give you the most cost-effective quote to match your requirements.

With CES, there are no hidden extras, the price you see on the quote is always the price you pay.

Fully guaranteed

Every air conditioning installation that we install has a minimum 1 – 3 year guarantee, depending on the manufacturer of the system installed.

Our engineers are highly experienced in working with all of the best systems from leading manufacturers. CES install, repair, service and maintain reputable and recognised brands including Garmin air conditioning, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Fujitsu and Toshiba.

Minimal disruption to your business

We understand that having an air conditioning system installed in your business can be a hassle. You want the job completed quickly and efficiently. With that in mind, our team work quickly and carefully, to ensure that the installation is completed to the highest standards and with minimal disruption.

“Our expert engineers work efficiently in a tidy manner that always results in Cooling Energy clients benefiting from an air conditioning system that they can rely on”

Qualified and accredited

For added assurance of our health and safety competence, Cooling Energy Services is SafeContractor and CHAS approved, in addition to being a member of Construction Line. All CES engineers hold F-Gas certification from Refcom and are Health & Safety accredited.

We follow industry standard safety procedures guided by the UK’s most respected associations.

“Our engineers are all fully qualified with Health and Safety Certifications, so you can rest assured that our work will be completed to the highest standard”

Free quotes and surveys

CES offer free initial surveys and quotes with absolutely no obligation. Our engineers will visit your premises to conduct a site survey. As part of our commitment to deliver the most cost-effective bespoke solution, your quote will detail the air conditioning units and system design for your spaces that will benefit you the most.

Air conditioning support services

With CES, clients can benefit from a full-service air conditioning solution, from installation, to servicing, to ongoing maintenance. Our expert engineers offer comprehensive air conditioning maintenance and service packages which are tailored to your needs. Our reputation as a market leading air conditioning company in Dorset and Hampshire has been built on our dedication to providing excellent customer service.

An air conditioning service package provides the peace of mind of knowing that your air conditioning system is in good hands. Choosing CES as your air conditioning contractor keeps your systems running smoothly, with key benefits including:

  1. Your dedicated account manager has it covered. Your project manager is your point of call. They are on-hand to offer advice, manage regular scheduled maintenance and they will dispatch our air conditioning repair service immediately, when needed.
  2. Planned preventative maintenance. Our engineers conduct regular checks to reduce the risk of unplanned disruptions, to ensure smooth-running of your air conditioning system. We also provide safe maintenance suggestions that you or your staff can complete to help reduce the risk of failure.
  3. Emergency call out service. When you need us most, we’ll be there. If necessary, we will work around the clock to be available should your system run into any unforeseen issues. We prioritise your business and get your air conditioning system back up and running as quickly as possible.

“Minimise your potential air conditioning downtime with a dedicated air conditioning maintenance partner”

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Would you like a survey?

Contact the CES team for a free pre-inspection visit to your premises. Our engineers will conduct a site survey and we’ll plan a suitable solution that meets your needs and budget. Call us on 01202 937 550 or email

Top tips to choose the best commercial air conditioner for your Dorset business

As a busy Dorset business owner, spending hours researching the air conditioning market and evaluating the various different systems and manufacturers is probably way down your priority list. However, it’s really important to get the best commercial air conditioner to meet your business and environmental needs.

As Dorset air conditioning specialists, the CES team have over 25 years’ experience in the air con business. In that time, we’ve worked with a full range of commercial systems and have installed air con in a wide variety of premises.

With an increasing number of manufacturers offering an ever-growing range of models, we thought it would be helpful to provide a guide to some key factors to consider to help you choose the best commercial air conditioning system for your business.

Do you need a new commercial air conditioner system?

If you already have a commercial air conditioner in your property, have you checked it recently? If your system is ageing, requires too many repairs or uses too much energy, it’s probably time to replace it with a new one. Today’s commercial air conditioning systems are more energy efficient, cheaper to run and more reliable than ever before.

If your premises hasn’t got an air conditioner currently, and you don’t want to swelter through another Dorset summer or shiver through winter, a commercial air conditioning system will enhance your business and your property.

Whether you’re looking to replace your existing air con or you are installing a system into the premises for the first time, we understand that you want a cost-effective solution that can be installed and maintained with as little disruption to your operations as possible. Below, we’ve outlined some key points that will help you to understand which types of system will be the best solution for your needs.

Key factors to select the best commercial air conditioner

Our expert engineers always assess some key factors whenever we conduct a commercial air conditioning survey:

Size of the premises – The size of the space that needs to be cooled is fundamental to determining the type of system that will best meet your needs.

  • For smaller premises – such as a small office or retail store, a single unit air conditioner can be the most cost-effective solution. Single units are less expensive to buy and install. We take a closer look at single unit air conditioning below.
  • For medium sized premises – such as larger shops or offices, we usually recommend a split, or multi-split, system. We take a more detailed look at split and multi-split systems below.

Noise considerations – some premises, like offices, need a quieter system which doesn’t disturb to day-to-day running of the businesses.

Energy efficiency – although the upfront cost of the most energy efficient systems can be higher, the savings over time often justify the initial outlay.

Smart technologies – from temperature, to lighting and security, smart systems can be linked up and controlled from your home or premises. A system which is easy to control usually results in greater energy savings and a more comfortable environment.

From small shops to large commercial buildings, CES have supplied, installed and maintained commercial air conditioning systems for Dorset businesses in a wide range of industries and sectors. We work with the best models from all of the leading manufacturers.

Types of commercial air conditioning systems

With such a wide range of systems available, we understand that the terminology around air conditioning can be confusing. Below, we take a look at the main types of commercial air conditioning systems to help you get a better understanding of which system type will be the best solution for your needs.

Single unit air conditioning

Single unit systems are often a suitable solution for small spaces. Key benefits of single units include:

  • Less expensive and easier to install than other systems.
  • Portable, meaning you can move them between rooms. However, it’s important to consider the weight of the unit which will determine whether you can move the unit with ease.
  • Quick and simple solution, although they can be less effective for temperature control than other units.

CES work with a range of the best single unit air conditioning systems including the M Series by Mitsubishi air conditioning, and wall mounted or floor standing systems by Daikin air conditioning.

Split system air conditioning

Split system air conditioning is typically ideal for:

  • Heating and cooling individual rooms in your premises
  • Compact spaces

Split systems are designed for individual areas of your premises. For example, you may only need to air condition the shop floor area in a retail premises, or the boardroom in an office. In split systems, the compressor is installed on the outside of your premises. The unit that passes air into the premises is either discreetly mounted in a wall or a compact floor standing unit.

Split systems are typically more powerful than a single unit and they are quieter. Split systems can also be more economical than other systems, as you’re only buying and installing one unit, and they use less energy than other systems.

Multi Split air conditioning

Multi split systems are typically ideal for:

  • Heating and cooling multiple rooms
  • Premises with limited space for ducted systems
  • To control room temperatures individually

Multi split systems allow multiple air conditioning units to be run from one single outside compressor. This allows independent temperature control in each room.

Multi split systems provide the most choice and flexibility, as you can install indoor units to suit different rooms; choose from floor standing, ceiling installed, wall mounted and more. Separate controls enable you to adjust the temperature independently in each room, to ensure you keep your staff, customers and everyone in the premises happy and comfortable.

We work with split and multi-split systems from all of the leading manufacturers including Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Toshiba and Hitachi.


Next steps to the ideal commercial air con system for your premises

Our experienced team of air con engineers have been installing commercial air conditioning systems in Dorset shops, offices, warehouses, and a wide range of other premises, for over 25 years.

Air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration is our area of expertise. Whether you are looking to cool down a single room in your small office, or you want the ultimate in climate control for your entire commercial building, contact CES Dorset’s commercial air conditioning specialists, we make installing the perfect commercial air con system a breeze. Contact CES online or call 01202 937 550 now.