What are the best air conditioning systems?

Air conditioning systems come in many shapes, sizes and price tags, and with so many available on the market how do you know which makes or models to install?

Whether you need an air conditioning system for your home, office or commercial space, there will be an appropriate, affordable option available to you. At Cooling Energy Services, we’ve helped individuals and businesses of varying needs and budgets to find the optimal solution.

Important features to look out for:

Fortunately, the market is vast and brands are consistently bringing out new models that improve the efficiency of systems. In the last few years the following enhancements have been popular:

  • Remote control – many systems can be managed through a mobile app or central control point which means you can tweak the temperature or speed flow from the sofa or on your journey home to/from work.
  • Antibacterial coatings – with health at the forefront of many people’s minds, some new air conditioning designs can reduce the spread of bacteria in the air – perfect for a busy office or family home.
  • Energy efficiencies – most systems now have an energy saving or sleep mode which will help save you money on utility bills and reduce emissions which may impact the environment.
    Modern and minimalistic designs – as technology develops, so does design and you can find air conditioners which are stylish and subtle that fit in with the decor and style of the room.
  • Quiet airflow – in the office or home, a loud system will only cause unwanted distractions, therefore there are a number of quieter systems available.

What air conditioning system brands are available?

There are many brands to choose from, but our firm favourites include:

  • Daikin air conditioning
  • Mitsubishi air conditioning
  • Toshiba air conditioning
  • Fujitsu air conditioning
  • Samsung air conditioning
  • Hitachi air conditioning

Looking after your air conditioning systems…

Cooling your home, commercial office or warehouse can be a costly exercise, therefore you need an efficient air conditioning system you can rely on. If your systems are poorly installed or maintained you are likely to run into some issues.

Our expert engineers at Cooling Energy Service offer comprehensive maintenance and servicing packages which are tailored to your needs. Read more about the importance of air conditioning maintenance here >>

Our engineers can be available 24/7 for any emergency repairs and callouts.

Would you like a survey?

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