Which commercial air conditioning solution is right my business?

Choosing a suitable commercial air conditioning solution can be an undesirable decision which you may want to avoid handling. With so many manufacturers now offering different models of AC units, we thought it would be helpful to compile a simple guide to choosing the right commercial air con solution for you and your business.

At Cooling Energy Services, we understand most of our clients want a cost-effective solution that can be installed and maintained without too much disturbance.

Our expert engineers work efficiently in a tidy manner that always results in Cooling Energy clients benefiting from an air conditioning system that they can rely on.

Factors to consider when it comes to commercial air conditioning

When surveying a client’s premises or residence, we always consider the following factors to help decide which solutions are most suited:

  • The size of space – this will give us an idea of how many units will be required and space where interior units need to be placed.
  • Level of noise permitted – an office or residential setting will call for a quieter, less intrusive unit.
  • Energy efficient solutions – we would always recommend energy efficient systems as these are more economical over time, however, the up-front cost of these tend to be higher.
  • Smart solutions – technological enhancements mean that air conditioning systems offer more than just temperature control. If our clients require something more technical, we can offer a solution which links up with their home or premises controls. From lighting to security, smart homes and offices can now be controlled remotely from a central system. This often results in energy saving benefits for clients and a more comfortable environment for residents, employees and customers.

Air conditioning for residential or small office spaces (up to 2000 square feet)

A single unit air conditioner would be a suitable solution as these are often less expensive to purchase and install. There are a variety of brands on the market including Samsung and LG.

Single unit air conditioners are often portable meaning you can move it from room to room, but you may need to consider the weight of the unit so that you can do this with ease. These solutions may be less effective than other more enhanced products, but they offer a quick and simple solution.

Air conditioning solutions for small-medium sized offices (2000+ square feet)

For larger areas, we would recommend a split air conditioning system or multi-split system. A split system connects an exterior system to one interior unit, whereas a multi-split system connects multiple indoor rooms to one exterior unit.

These systems are more powerful than single units and tend to be quieter to operate. However, they are more difficult to install and require professional assistance.

Typically, you will have the choice of where your air conditioning systems are installed, which may be a combination of wall-mounted systems, concealed ceiling units or floor standing. The ranges available means you can select units which are subtle and complement your interior design. Models such as the Daikin Emura are widely recognised for their modern design.

Commercial air conditioning for other premises – restaurants, hotels and large commercial spaces

Keeping your customers comfortable in your premises is imperative to ensure their experience with you is a positive one. To avoid any issues or mishaps, make sure you have an effective solution in place.

We recommend small to medium sized restaurants use multiple lower-powered units around the room rather than having fewer more-powerful units, as this ensures an even distribution of air around the room. Wall mounted air conditioners are commonly used as they can be easily fitted without the need for redecoration and are out of direct eye line.

For larger restaurants, we find ceiling mounted ‘cassette’ units are an excellent solution. Although they are more costly than wall units, they are more discreet and aesthetically pleasing in a restaurant environment. They also provide a 4-way air flow which is more comfortable for your diners.

Extra commercial air conditioning features to look out for:

  • Smart technology – with ever-changing technology, there are more smart products available on the market than ever! Many air conditioning systems now come with remote controls and can adjust airflow to ensure a comfortable temperature.
  • Sleep or night modes – these may help reduce the noise level when required by slowing the fans.
  • Timer options – if you require your air conditioning system to be turned off at night or turned on just before you return home from work, ensure your units have a clock. This also helps with saving energy when you are not using the systems.

Do you need an air conditioning solution?

At Cooling Energy Services, we help install and maintain air conditioning systems in Bournemouth, Southampton and surrounding areas. Our engineers are fully qualified to survey and install suitable solutions for your home, office or premise.

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Alternatively, if you already have an air conditioning system installed our team can provide regular maintenance to ensure it continues to run smoothly. Learn more about the benefits of air conditioning maintenance here.