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Air conditioning maintenance checklist

Neglecting necessary air conditioning maintenance may result in your AC units underperforming, using increased energy and in turn, costing you more money to operate.

To help avoid inefficiencies and issues, our expert air conditioning engineers would recommend you complete the following maintenance tasks on your AC system.

Weekly air conditioning maintenance tasks you can do yourself:

  • Give your front air vents a wipe using warm water and soap to keep the air vents clear of dirt. Regularly doing this will help reduce any build up which may be more difficult to remove.
  • Keep the outside areas around your units clear of debris such as leaves, garbage, and mud.

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Monthly air conditioning maintenance tasks:

  • Keep an eye out for rust within the system – this can indicate excess water and/or elements that need replacing. It’s difficult to manage water/rainfall in certain environments, but there are certainly ways you can reduce the damage. Talk to our experts for more solutions >>
  • Record the temperature and pressures of your units on a monthly basis to ensure these are level and remain consistent. Over time this test will allow you to be able to notice when something is potentially off with the unit and may need professional attention.
  • Check the air filter for dirt, breakages, and deterioration. Please bear in mind in most air conditioning units this tends to need replacing on an annual basis due to its importance in the unit’s operation and output.
  • Check and calibrate the thermostat to ensure it’s recording correctly.
  • On an ad-hoc basis, we recommend keeping other heat-producing appliances away from indoor units, as this can interfere with the thermostat and make your systems work harder.

If you experience any issues, we offer a 24/7 callout service so we can get your air conditioning backup and running as soon as possible.

As the tasks become more difficult and complex, you are likely to require expert assistance and service. We would highlight the below annual tasks as ones a professional air conditioning engineers should perform.

Annual air conditioning maintenance checks:

  • Check the unit’s electrical wiring to ensure it is safe to use – If you are an employer, self-employed or a landlord, this is inline with the electrical safety regulations which ensure appropriate maintenance and care is taken with electrical appliances.
  • Clean and inspect the motors – dirty motors are less efficient and are likely to fail sooner. Also, check the motor lubrication which helps the motor to run smoothly.
  • Check the condenser coil and clean as required. Over their months and years of service, the coils collect dirt; this reduces the airflow and insulates the coil, which reduces its ability to absorb heat.
  • Inspect and adjust the belts and pulleys as they often become loose, crack or can break with age. Loose belts can decrease the airflow of your air conditioning systems and shorten the compressor’s life.
  • Condensate the drains as clogged drain channels prevent a unit from reducing humidity, this can result in excess moisture which may discolor walls or carpet.
  • Use a leak detector device to test for any leaks from the refrigerant and make sure any evacuated refrigerant from the system is captured and not illegally released to the atmosphere.

Full air conditioning maintenance package

At Cooling Energy Services, we understand that the above checks and tasks can be hard to keep on top and as result, we offer a range of affordable air conditioning maintenance packages for individuals, businesses, and contractors.

Our experienced engineers have worked with air conditioning systems of all types – the good, the bad and the ugly! We always provide the correct level of maintenance to suit your installed systems, this ensures you get the best out of your AC system without paying excessive, often over inflated maintenance charges.

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If you require any repairs on your air conditioning system, our team can help! Learn more here >>

What Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance
should I do?

Air conditioning preventive maintenance when regularly conducted is a great way to help ensure the efficiency and longevity of your systems. As with most mechanical devices, there is maintenance you can do yourself and some that will require a professional air conditioning engineer to complete.

Over the years, the team here at Cooling Energy Services have helped many individuals to avoid costly issues by sharing their best tips and tricks on how to maintain the air conditioning units at their home or work.

Below are a selection of some of easiest and effective types of air conditioning preventive maintenance you can do.

What Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance we would recommend:

  1. Keep the unit clean and clear of debris – Once a month, we recommend clearing debris such as leaves, pollen and twigs from the fan. A kitchen antiseptic spray tends to work well, just ensure to rinse with warm water and wait for it to dry before switching back on.
  2. Do an air flow check on both indoor and outdoor units – Make sure to keep around 2 feet of space clear around the units, as any obstacles in front of the units will likely diminish the air flow. If the air flow is still poor, you may have a failing fan motor or a blocked coil. This means it’s time to call for a professional checkup!
  3. Keep lamps or other heat producing products away – These may interfere with the thermostat and cause the system to work longer and harder than it may need to.
  4. Keep blinds and curtains closed – During the day keep curtains closed where possible to keep in or keep out heat, this will help you to use the air conditioning system more efficiently.
  5. Look out for rust – If you spot any rust on your unit, please call a professional for advice. Our expert engineers will be able to organise a check-up and provide a suitable solution for you.

What Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance should I do?

When to hire a professional for Air conditioning maintenance:

When your air conditioner needs more than simple, routine maintenance, we recommend hiring an experienced engineer. With over 30 years experience, our team can provide expert advice on how best to resolve any issues and recommend suitable replacements. Our engineers can help you with any leaks, to optimise airflow, ensure the accuracy of the thermostat is correct, inspect electric terminals, clean and tighten connections and much more!

Organising an air conditioning maintenance package

At Cooling Energy Services, we provide individuals and businesses with cost-effective air conditioning maintenance packages that can be organised on a one-of or recurring basis. We can provide a bespoke package to suit you, which will ultimately help to eliminate any inconvenient downtime of your systems.

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