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The benefits of air conditioning systems – tips from air conditioning installation company, Cooling Energy Solutions

Whether you’re relaxing at home or are hard at work concentrating, we all love living in comfort, right? It’s not a secret that air conditioning systems have proven to make a room more comfortable, especially in the heat, but did you know that there are many more benefits of air conditioning other than comfort?

In this article we outline the top benefits of air conditioning installation in your home or business, as well as how you can contact Cooling Energy Services to install your new air conditioning system.

1. Less noise

Typically, when you invest in air conditioning installation, it will allow you to keep all the doors and windows closed, as this helps your system run in the most efficient manner. This means there’s a lower chance of noise entering the room from outside, keeping these rooms cool and quiet. In turn, this creates a perfect environment for your team to focus on their work in the office, or a nice relaxing environment for your home life.

2. Prevents electronics from overheating

Whilst we have the ability to tell when our bodies are getting too hot, our electronics aren’t so clever and can’t always tell us when they’re overheating.

The computer, devices and phones we depend on daily can suffer serious meltdowns when temperatures rise, leading to a potential shortened lifespan and loss of data. As a business owner, this could be detrimental to your productivity. Additionally, if your place of work holds computer servers, these can be completely destroyed, or at least suffer major damage if not kept cool enough.

It could be a smart financial choice to invest in air conditioning systems for your home or workplace now, and save yourself from costly repairs in the future.

3. Improves productivity at work

We’ve all experienced the mental sluggishness that comes with a day that is just simply too hot to function, let alone crack on with important work, or give the house a good clean. Your solution could be air conditioning! The use of air conditioning systems can actually help to keep your mind clear, and ready to tackle the tasks for the day.

If you want to read more on how an air conditioning installation can improve productivity in the workplace, read last months article here >>

4. Improved sleep

It has been scientifically proven that we actually sleep better in cooler conditions. As nighttime approaches, our body temperature naturally drops, signaling that it’s time for our bodies to slow down and get some rest. By keeping your bedroom cooler by using air conditioning systems, you’re reinforcing your body’s natural instinct to sleep. If your room is too hot, it could potentially block that signal and take longer for you to drift off.

If you, or a member of your family struggles with sleep, air conditioning could be the perfect answer!

5. Reduced possibility of asthma attacks

Did you know that air conditioning in your home or business can help reduce the possibility of suffering an asthma attack? According to a study by Mayo Clinic, owning an air conditioning system not only increases comfort in your home or workplace, but it can also lower the amount of mold, pollen, mildew and other outdoor allergens that can potentially lead to asthmatic symptoms.

It must be noted that if you invest in air conditioning installation for asthamtic reasons, you must regularly change the air filters to keep them clean and dust-free. Cooling Energy Services are also experts in air conditioning maintenance, so if you’re worried about your system, contact us on 01202 937 550.

6. Increased security

As stated previously, when we use air conditioning systems in our homes or workplace, we keep the windows and doors closed. In turn, this leads to added security as it is much harder for someone to break into your premise with your doors and windows closed and locked than having them open to cool your home.

7. Protection for your furniture

Heat, and especially the humidity that often accompanies it, can cause serious damage to all kinds of furniture, from office desks to your beloved sofa at home.

Due to the natural moisture in the air, over time, wood can warp – which is a deformity that occurs when the moisture content of different parts of a piece of wood changes unevenly. In addition, leather can also be affected as it absorbs moisture which could eventually cause your sofa to rot. In fact, any fabric is susceptible to mold as it breeds rampantly in damp environments, which can become an issue if you don’t have an effective air source in place.

With these problems in mind, getting the best air conditioning system can help keep your furniture in its best condition, and will save you money in the future.

8. Keep out those pesky insects

We all know how annoying flies and mosquitoes can be, especially when they come in through open windows and doors and refuse to leave. But rest assured, air conditioning filters are more effective in keeping bugs out than specialist insect screens covering your windows, which not only protects you from the pesky critters, but it keeps your house or office cleaner too!

Contact Cooling Energy Services

If you’ve decided that an air conditioning system could be the best choice for your home or business, contact our air conditioning installers today who can pop over to complete a free site survey. This survey will allow our experts to see which air conditioning system is best for your needs, as well as the best time to set everything up.

I have worked with CES for 3 years now and I am delighted with the work carried out so far. We must support our client to the highest standard so all project work needs to be of the highest quality, which is what we get with CES.

CES understand the high standards that our company have and are most efficient in delivering well within time limits. I would highly recommend working with them.
– Account Manager @ CBRE-EMEA

Get in touch by giving us a call on 07870 703 751 or 01202 937 550, alternatively send us an email to We look forward to hearing from you!

How commercial air conditioning improves productivity in the office

With the heatwave that we’ve all been experiencing this month, it’s no surprise, as Brits, that we’ve still managed to get in our fair share of moaning about the weather… yes, we all love the sunshine… but working in a 30 degree office isn’t ideal.

We feel your pain and want to make sure your staff don’t feel uncomfortable when they come to work. In addition to the comfort aspect of the sweltering temperatures we’re seeing, the heat can also have a massive impact on your staff’s productivity too. This is where commercial air conditioning comes in!

Heat makes us all tired…

Unless you’re lucky enough to be sat by a pool in a Mediterranean country drinking sangria, hot temperatures really take their toll and will leave your staff feeling sleepy and drowsy. This can lead to a lack of concentration and therefore reduced productivity… this tiredness can also affect your staff’s quality of work (trust us, this has been scientifically proven!)

Did you know the ideal temperature for an office is around 20 degrees?

30 degree heat = 30% less work

Ok, so this may not be scientifically proven, but it’s not rocket science to work this one out… in hot temperatures, your staff will spend far more time going outside to cool down, popping to the kitchen to get water and generally ‘faffing’ to make themselves feel comfortable. All these minutes add up to time wasted! Imagine you have an office of 30 people all wasting 20-30 minutes a day on these tasks, that’s a whopping 75 hours a week!

Staff morale will plummet… 

Staff spend so much time at work, it’s important to keep their spirits high at all possible opportunities. Whilst a round of ice creams can help cool them off temporarily, eventually your staff will get grouchy and moral will start to hit rock bottom. Happy workers = increased productivity and commercial air con will definitely boost it!

Summer heatwaves leave your computers feeling exhausted too… 

It’s not just your staff you need to consider, technology will suffer too. Computers that are subject to overheating will run much slower, and in the worst case just give up on you completely.

Ready to get commercial air conditioning installed, here are some FAQs…

Q. Do you need planning permission for commercial air conditioning?

In most cases, this won’t be necessary. If your units will be consolidated indoors and not causing any obstruction, planning permission won’t be needed. The only time you may need to get planning permission is if the unit has to be placed outside and requires the building to be extended.

Q. Can you only use commercial air conditioning in the summer?

No definitely not! Commercial air conditioning units can also be used to heat your office in the winter, so you can use them all year round to get the optimum room temperature.

Q. Are the air conditioning installers you use certified to complete commercial air conditioning?

Cooling Energy Services is a Safecontractor and CHAS approved air conditioning company along with being a member of Construction Line. All our air conditioning installers hold F-Gas certification from Refcom and are Health & Safety accredited.

Q. Will you have a choice in the air conditioning unit used in the office?

Yes, we will always make the best recommendations based on your business needs and requirements, but we are never restricted to just 1 system, make or model so we will show you your options and go from there.

Q. Can you have air conditioning in a commercial kitchen?

Yes, you can – but not any old system. Commercial kitchens require specialist systems to deal with the intensity of the temperatures common in this type of environment. Speak to our team about this >>

Contact our air conditioning installers today… 

If your staff are complaining about the heat, speak to our air conditioning installers today who can pop over to complete a free site survey. This survey will allow us to establish the best system for your office, and whilst we are there we can discuss the next steps to getting your commercial air conditioning setup.

Get in touch by giving us a call on 07870 703 751 or 01202 937 550, alternatively send us an email on We look forward to hearing from you!

Is it worth investing in conservatory air conditioning in Dorset or Hampshire?

Your conservatory is likely to be one of the most underused spaces in your home. For significant periods of the year your conservatory is often either too cold or too hot to comfortably inhabit, even with the mild winters that we enjoy in Dorset and Hampshire. Radiators are an obvious solution for the winter months, when the average low on the South Coast is around 4C, but they do nothing to cool you down on a sunny summer’s day.

The South Coast counties including Dorset, Hampshire, Sussex and Kent enjoy more sunshine than anywhere else in the UK, with around 1750 hours of sun per year. Of course, your conservatory is specifically designed to trap the heat of the sun, so it doesn’t take long in the sunshine for the solar heating effect to become uncomfortable.

“Conservatory air conditioning systems provide a constant temperature, enabling you to enjoy your conservatory in comfort, all year round”.

You probably feel that your conservatory being vacant for large parts of the year is a real shame. If you’re anything like me, no doubt you think that your conservatory is one of the most pleasant spaces in your home to relax in.

As you’re reading this, you’re already aware that conservatory air conditioning is an option to make your conservatory a pleasant environment, all year round, from the depths of winter to the height of summer. However, you may be unsure about whether having a new aircon unit installed in your conservatory is money well spent. After all, with a significant outlay involved in having a conservatory built in the first instance, you may be less than enthusiastic about spending yet more cash on the room.

In this article, we explore the main benefits that conservatory air conditioning systems provide. Let’s run through some key reasons why the extra investment in conservatory air conditioning in Dorset and Hampshire could be one of the most valued investments you’ve made in your home.

Why installing conservatory air conditioning could be one of your most valued home investments in Dorset and Hampshire?

Overcomes solar overheating

The very purpose of a conservatory is to provide a room that traps the solar heat energy from sunlight. Your conservatory is designed to create a warm space in which you can relax. By their very nature, however, even when it’s not the height of summer, direct sunlight can continue to build the temperature until it’s stiflingly hot.

As mentioned earlier in this article, on the South Coast of England, we enjoy more sunny days than inhabitants of anywhere else in Britain. In fact, according to Wikipedia, Weymouth residents enjoy around 230 hours of sunshine per month between May and August. On summer days with more than a few hours of bright sunshine, conservatory air conditioning can provide a welcome relief.

What could be more pleasant than relaxing in a nice and cool conservatory, with the bright sunshine of a warm day pouring through the glass? Conservatory air conditioning can enable you to enjoy the sunshine and the view into the garden, even when solar heat is building up. Simply switch on your system as soon as you feel a heat build-up and conservatory overheating is an issue of the past for you.

Provides a genuinely multipurpose room

One of the very best things about having a conservatory is that the room is suited to doing almost anything in it. Having an air conditioning system in your conservatory means that you can enjoy the multipurpose functionality of the room all-year-round. Whether the children are using it as a playroom, you need to get some work done, or you are entertaining friends, your conservatory really will be the most useful space in your home when it comes with a guaranteed constant temperature.
Winter heating

We’ve already mentioned the value of cooling in summer, but how about on a cold day in winter? Even in the relatively mild counties of Dorset and Hampshire, the average low in February is 3.7C. Today, most air conditioning systems have the capability to provide heat in addition to cooling. It’s just as much fun to snuggle down in winter, cosy and comfortable beneath the winter night skies, as it is to enjoy basking in the bright light of a summer’s day. With the dual capabilities of heating and cooling that modern air con systems provide, you get more value from your investment as you are benefiting from using your conservatory all year long.

Energy efficient air conditioning saves you money

Based on electricity costs of 14p per kWh, your total annual running costs of conservatory air conditioning in Dorset and Hampshire is likely to be under £175, based on a conservatory of up to 4m * 4m. A small price to pay for allowing you to enjoy your conservatory 365 days a year.

Why choose CES to install your conservatory air conditioning in Dorset and Hampshire?

Is your conservatory or glass roof extension too hot in summer and unbearably cold in the winter? CES air conditioning conservatory experts can help. For advice and a free quote please call 01202 937 550.

“We can find a suitable air conditioning solution for all conservatories”

We only use the A+++ rated equipment and air conditioning units and make sure we use the top quality brands including Daikin, Mitsubishi and Toshiba.

Every conservatory air conditioning unit we install comes with a 1-3 year guarantee depending on the manufacturer, so you can rest assured knowing your unit is covered.

Cooling Energy Services is one of the most established air conditioning service companies based in Dorset. We always deliver outstanding customer service to homeowners and businesses in the South of England including Southampton, Bournemouth, Poole, Ringwood, Weymouth and their surrounding areas.

To learn more about air conditioning for conservatories, or to book a no obligation survey and quote, please get in touch with our team on 01202 937 550
or email us on

How we, as air conditioning installers, choose the best solution for your domestic or commercial installs

When Googling ‘Air conditioning installer’ you are likely to be bombarded with a list of companies that may be promoting offers that sounds too good to be true. In most cases, these cheap offers are just a way to get you through the door before they bump up your quote and get you fixed into a contract you can’t get out of, or even worse, provide a system that in the long run is going to cost you much more.

We’ve also found that many air conditioning companies will offer a more ‘one size fits all’ approach, which isn’t, in our experience, the best way to provide a customer with a suitable system.

When we are speaking to our domestic air conditioning or commercial air conditioning clients, it’s apparent very early on that their needs are not always the same. For this reason, we supply and install a huge variety of systems to match their criteria.

So, how do we go about choosing the right air con system for you?

Domestic air conditioning clients

Firstly, we need to see your home as the space in which you want your air conditioning unit to be placed will have a huge impact on which system we would recommend. Is it being placed in a large conservatory as you’re finding it hard to bare during the hot summer months? Or maybe, you want a unit that can be used all year round, heating and cooling your whole home? These questions are hard to get answers to by just a simple phone call, so we always meet you!

Next, we will establish your budget. Domestic air conditioning comes in all shapes and sizes, which means we can match your system to many different price brackets too.

To give you an example, we work with many manufacturers of air conditioning systems, but some focus on large units that are more suited to commercial spaces, so we can immediately rule these out.

Once budget and space has been established, we will look at your usage. You don’t want to pay a premium for a system that you only plan to use a couple of months a year. Saying that, domestic air conditioning is much more versatile than most people think, so most systems can be used for heating your home all your round as well.

Commercial air conditioning clients

As well as completing a similar scenario for our business clients, there are even more factors to consider when we are recommending the best system for our commercial air conditioning clients.

In some instances, for example when we have provided systems for large factories, the system is going to need to run 24/7. Something as vital as this is going to have to be powerful enough to fulfill its requirements, as well as be energy efficient so you don’t spend huge amounts every month to keep it going.

The top 3 commercial air conditioning brands we choose to use are:

  • Daikin
  • Mitsubishi
  • Toshiba

Among a few others, we trust these tried and tested products to supply you with the best unit for your money.

We will also need to look at how the unit will fit in with your current business decor, do you want something that is concealed or are you looking for a wall-mounted solution? Don’t forget, portable air conditioning can also be an option, just speak to our team.

“​Cooling Energy Services have been the preferred supplier at Garmin Europe Limited since April 2015. Rob Jones has been very helpful and knowledgeable in resolving any Air Conditioning issues including repairs, breakdowns and project work on our 157’000 square foot location near Southampton.” – Garmin (Europe) Ltd

Read our top tips for choosing the best commercial air conditioner here.

Book an initial catch up meeting with our air conditioning installers…
A face-to-face meeting is the best way to get a feel of how our air conditioning installers work for local homes and businesses around Dorset and Hampshire.

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Tax Incentives For Commercial Air Conditioning Installations in Dorset & Hampshire

Today’s technologies enable air conditioning to be very energy efficient, compared with other heating and cooling systems. In a quest to control emissions since signing up to the Kyoto Protocol, the UK government has set up a number of incentives to encourage businesses to install air conditioning.

Increasingly, government and consumers are recognising the many financial and environmental benefits to installing air conditioning. This is great news for savvy businesses, who can now take advantage of the various financial incentives which are available to install air conditioning, rather than a conventional heating and cooling system.

Heat Pump Air Conditioning Can Be 40% Cheaper Than Gas Central Heating

Experts estimate that heat pump air conditioning systems save over 2 tonnes of carbon emissions each year compared with conventional forms of heating and cooling.

On top of the obvious environmental benefits, heat pump driven air conditioning can save you thousands of pounds on your commercial energy bills. Heat pump inverter driven systems are around 30% – 40% cheaper to run than gas central heating and around 50% – 60% cheaper to run than electric heating.

Heat pump systems also deliver the added bonus of cooling, to provide all-year-round climate control for your premises and staff.

Cooling Energy Services are leading providers of comfort cooling, heat pump air conditioning and extract mechanical ventilation systems throughout Dorset and Hampshire.

Government incentives to encourage businesses to install air conditioning

In the past decade or so, the UK government has set up a range of incentives to encourage businesses to install air conditioning over conventional heating and cooling systems. Today, commercial customers can save big money on HVAC installations, by taking advantage incentives such as interest-free loans and the Enhanced Capital Gains scheme.

Domestic air conditioning installations are also being encouraged by a reduced rate of 5% VAT. Charities, care homes and other third sector organisations can also benefit from the reduced VAT incentive scheme.

Whether you are a domestic or commercial customer, Cooling Energy Services can advise on available tax incentives for installing a new air conditioning system.

Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme for air conditioning

Companies may be able to claim back up to 100% of the cost of air conditioning equipment purchased in the first year of tax allowances, under the Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) scheme for energy saving technologies. This means that businesses can write off the entire cost of the HVAC products against taxable profits, in the year of purchase.

To qualify for this tax incentive, the purchased air conditioning equipment must be on the government’s Energy Technology List. The following types of HVAC equipment are covered under the HVAC category of the Energy Technology List:

  • Building Environment Zone Controls – automatically control the environment in an energy efficient manner, by controlling the amount of heating, cooling or ventilation that is applied to rooms or defined areas within a building known as ‘Zones’
  • Active Chilled Beams – designed to deliver chilled air into an environment in order to achieve comfortable conditions for living and working
  • Close Control Air Conditioning – equipment designed to control the temperature in rooms and enclosures containing heat generating equipment or heat generating processes
  • Evaporative Air Coolers – a device that cools air through evaporation of water

Call Cooling Energy Services today on 01202 937 550, or click to contact us online, for advice on the most energy efficient HVAC equipment in the marketplace that is eligible for the ECA scheme.

Choose energy efficient air conditioning installations by CES

Cooling Energy Services are experts for air conditioning installations in Dorset and Hampshire. From small shops to large commercial buildings, you can trust our experienced air conditioning engineers to install the best energy efficient air conditioning system to meet the needs of your business requirements.

CES only install Energy A+++ rated equipment.

Energy efficient air conditioning systems by leading manufacturers

We supply, install and manage energy efficient air conditioning systems from the world’s most trusted manufacturers, including:

  • Daikin
  • Mitsubishi
  • Toshiba
  • Fujitsu
  • Samsung

The Cooling Energy Services guarantee

Every CES air conditioning installation comes complete with a 1-3 year guarantee, depending on the system manufacturer. With CES you can be sure that you will receive the very highest standards of service, as our engineers hold all of the necessary Health and Safety Certifications, including Safecontractor and Chas.

Take a look at a project we completed for Garmin air conditioning installation in Southampton.

If you are interested in an air conditioning system installation from us in Dorset, Hampshire or the South East, please contact us for a free survey. Our friendly and experienced team are able to provide an estimation of the work that will be needed. We can also advise on equipment options which meet the government’s requirements to be eligible to apply for the tax incentive schemes such as the ECA.

Does your Dorset / Hampshire business require commercial air conditioning system inspections?

Is your commercial air conditioning system operating within UK law?

With a whole host of UK guidelines, directives and government papers regularly being published around commercial air conditioning systems, you may well be confused as to which air conditioning inspections you need. To help bring some clarity to legal obligations around running commercial air conditioning systems, we have reviewed UK guidelines and legislation to produce a simple guide.

In this article, we outline some of the key air conditioning inspections that are designed to help our commercial air conditioning clients in Dorset and Hampshire to reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and limit the environmental impact of their systems.

Which air conditioning inspections do you need to meet UK law?

Before we get into the detail around which inspections you are required to undertake, it’s pertinent to note that it is the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) which outlines the required inspection regime for air conditioning equipment which is housed in commercial buildings. All of the acronyms which are used to label the various inspections, such as F-Gas, EPC, DEC, relate back to the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).

Statutory requirement air conditioning inspections

F-Gas Scheduled Statutory Inspections

If your air conditioning system has a capacity of over 3Kg refrigerant, you are required to have periodic F-Gas inspections. If you are unsure of your system capacity, call our experienced air conditioning engineers today on 01202 937 550, or email, and we would be happy to advise.

F-Gas inspections are designed to ensure the safe and efficient running of your air conditioning. The inspection must be carried out by an F-Gas Certified Engineer. How often F-Gas inspections are required depends on the operating capacity (size) of your air conditioning system which we have outlined below:

F-Gas Scheduled Inspection Required System Capacity
Every 12 months Systems over 3Kg refrigerant
Every 6 months Systems over 30Kg refrigerant
Every 3 months Systems over 300Kg refrigerant

F-Gas Statutory Inspection Requirements (BS EN 15004)

EC Regulation 842/2006 specifies that leakage checks should be performed, necessary repairs undertake, and harmful gases are recovered to prevent them leaking into the atmosphere. During the F-Gas inspection must be performed by certified companies and personnel.

An F-Gas Certified Engineer inspects the system to undertake the following:

  • All AC equipment is labelled with an asset number
  • A central asset log is produced to be held by the building manager, logging:

o   Maintenance history

o   Engineers F-Gas certificate number

o   Refrigerant added or removed

o   Unit serial numbers

  • Leakage checks are performed and necessary repairs are undertaken
  • Necessary labels are used on certain equipment

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

Energy Performance Certificates are designed to help increase energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and operating costs, and limit the carbon emissions of your system. The inspections are conducted by a Registered Energy Assessor.

If the building is over 500m2, and your occupation started after April 2008, a whole building energy assessment should be conducted. Energy Performance Certificates are valid for 10 years.

Registered Energy Assessor Inspections

Registered Energy Assessor Inspections cover installations which do not yet require an Energy Performance Certificate. They should be performed within 5 years of your air conditioning system installation. As with Energy Performance Certificates, the inspections are designed to help you reduce energy consumption, improve system efficiency, reduce operating costs and limit the carbon emissions produced by your system.

Air conditioning compliance is a necessity – CES make it simple

Guidelines and rules governing commercial HVAC are changing all the time, which can make it difficult to understand and comply with them. CES are Dorset and Hampshire air conditioning specialists that can make compliance simple and effortless. Contact CES today to find out how we can help to keep your commercial air conditioning system running efficiently and meeting regulations.

Why choose CES to maintain your commercial air conditioning system?

CES experienced air conditioning engineers all hold F-Gas certification from Refcom and are fully trained in Health & Safety. We are certified by SafeContractor, CHAS and Construction Line, to ensure that our practices and processes meet current health and safety standards.

CES provides a 24/7 call out air conditioning service.

Regardless of when an issue occurs with your commercial air conditioning, our engineers are ready to help resolve any problems.

Get in touch for a free no-obligation quote today. Call us on 01202 937 550 or email us on



The information contained in this article, and in our other website articles, is for brief and general guidance on likely consequences of regulations. This information must not be relied upon as being a definitive interpretation of legislation or a statement of law. This article is intended as a general overview guide and it is not a substitute for legal advice. CES disclaim any responsibility howsoever arising from any inaccuracies, errors or omissions which may be present.


Air Conditioning Maintenance FAQ’s

As a small business ourselves, we understand all-too-well when our commercial air conditioning clients hesitate when we mention a routine air conditioning service or regular maintenance package. Air conditioning maintenance can look like ‘yet another overhead’. You may well be asking yourself – do I really need air conditioning maintenance?

Another question that we are often posed is, what do you actually do during an air conditioning service? You shell out the cash but what’s really being done? In this article, we answer those common questions, and some of the other key questions, that we have been frequently asked by our Dorset and Hampshire commercial air conditioning clients over the years.

Here at Cooling Energy Services, our highly experienced engineers are ready and able to keep your system running smoothly. If you have an air conditioning installation in your home or business, it really is important to keep your system maintained. Here are some of the questions the CES team are frequently asked in relation to air conditioning maintenance.

How long will our air conditioning system last if it’s regularly maintained?

With regular air conditioning maintenance, to keep the system in full working order, you can realistically expect your air conditioning installation to last for 15 years or more. On the flip side, a system which is neglected can have a drastically reduced lifespan.

Will air conditioning maintenance prevent breakdowns all together?

Although it is impossible to guarantee that any complex system is 100% fail-proof, regular inspection by a professional air conditioning engineer has an obvious benefit of reducing the risk of breakdowns.

During a CES air conditioning service, our engineers check all of the important components and will recommend and perform a replacement if a component is showing signs of requiring it.

A poorly maintained system means increases the risk of you needing unforeseen emergency air conditioning repairs. For businesses, a commercial air conditioning breakdown can mean lost revenues, in addition to the inconvenience.

Will air conditioning maintenance save money?

Let’s talk bottom-line! Regular air conditioning maintenance helps the system to run more efficiently. In fact, experts estimate that routine maintenance can help to maintain up to 95% of the systems original operating performance. Of course, better energy efficiency means lower electrical bills. On top of that, operational efficiency also means lower humidity levels (which helps to reduce building maintenance costs) and fewer potential repair bills, as the system will suffer from reduced ‘wear and tear’.

In our many years of repairing air conditioning systems in Southampton, Hampshire and Dorset, all too often, the costly repairs could have been managed or avoided with routine air con servicing and maintenance.

What’s included in an air conditioning service?

Depending on your system make and model, your CES air con engineer will conduct a variety of key checks during your air conditioning service. Important service checks typically include:

  • Visual checks of the air conditioning units and the surrounding environment, including checks for rust, water exposure, obvious breaks or ‘wear and tear’.
  • Circuit testing to ensure the electrical elements of the system are working safely.
  • Cleaning components of the units such as filters, the condenser coil and drains.
  • Inspecting the motors and checking they are lubricated appropriately.
  • Calibrating the thermostat.

At CES, we prefer to think of ourselves as more than just a service provider. As your air conditioning partner, our experienced engineers use their expertise to match the service to your specific requirements. Whilst on-premise, our engineers will check everything that is important for your particular system to run smoothly.

How often should an air conditioning system be serviced?

Although the recommended frequency for servicing your system is dependent on the specific model and manufacturer, we recommend that systems are checked at least once a year as a minimum. If your system is in-use throughout the year, we recommend a service in spring and autumn, when cooling and heating demands are lower. Spring and autumn servicing ensure the system is ready for the summer and winter periods when it’s likely to be working hardest.

A scheduled air conditioning maintenance package ensures that your air conditioning service won’t be overlooked. Here at CES, we offer regular maintenance service contracts to keep the maintenance work regular and consistent.

To get more advice about how often your system should be serviced, or to find out about our scheduled maintenance packages, call us on 01202 937 550 or click to contact us online.

Will air conditioning maintenance make our rooms more comfortable to inhabit?

An important, but often overlooked benefit of routine air conditioning maintenance is that it helps the system to provide better air quality.

If you have any doubts about whether your air conditioning is cleaning the air in your home or business, simply open the front panel and take a look at the filter. Unless the filter has been cleaned recently or its brand new, you’ll see plenty of dust clogging up the filter. The more debris accumulated in your air conditioning filter, the less effective the system will be at purifying the air.

Cleaning or replacing the filter is one of the key jobs that the air conditioning engineer will perform during a service. Regularly cleaning the filter leads to better air quality, and a more pleasant and healthy environment for all those who inhabit it.

Why do I need air conditioning maintenance?

Let’s recap. Regular air conditioning maintenance, performed by your selected air conditioning partner, brings a range of important benefits that, we believe, make it a ‘no brainer’ investment:

  • Savings on energy bills
  • Fewer repair bills
  • Less downtime (or none at all)
  • A more environmentally friendly system
  • Better air quality and more consistent room temperatures

If you opt for a tailored scheduled maintenance contract with CES, you will also benefit from significantly lower overall running costs, peace of mind, not to mention less admin. With a CES maintenance contract, you can enjoy a ‘no hassle’ experience with your air conditioning.

Why should I choose CES to maintain my air conditioning system?

CES air conditioning engineers all hold F-Gas certification from Refcom and are fully trained in Health & Safety. Our company is accredited by Safecontractor, CHAS and Construction Line, ensuring that our practices adhere to health and safety requirements.

We offer a 24/7 call out service, so no matter when an issue occurs our engineers are on hand to help.

Get in touch for a free no-obligation quote today. Call us on 01202 937 550 or email us on

The benefits of regularly servicing your air conditioning in Southampton, Hampshire and the South Coast

During the stifling heatwave this summer, with temperatures in Hampshire regularly rocketing to over 28C, our commercial air conditioning systems proved an invaluable asset to our clients in Southampton, Hampshire and across the South Coast. When outside temperatures soar in summer and tumble in winter, the value of air conditioning is clear. Regardless of the weather outside, commercial air conditioning keeps staff, customers, stock, and premises at a happily consistent temperature.

Now that winter is upon us, we thought that it’s the ideal time to highlight the importance of air conditioning servicing, to keep your air con running smoothly and fully prepared for next year’s heatwave or this winter’s cold snap. After working so hard last summer, a thorough system check over by an experienced engineer will also identify any warn-down parts, so that they can be replaced in good time, to extend the life of the system, avoid any downtime and save you money.

Regular air conditioning maintenance and servicing will help the system to perform better in the long run. In fact, we estimate that routine maintenance can help an older system to maintain up to 95 percent of its original operating efficiency. Every ounce of that operational efficiency is there to be called upon when temperatures rocket in summer, or when the inevitable cold snap hits us this winter. Even during our long spells of moderate temperatures, regularly serviced air conditioning systems, performing at their expected operational efficiency, offer a range of benefits, from increased energy efficiency to fewer air conditioning repairs.

Below, we highlight some key benefits of having your air conditioning system regularly serviced.

Increased energy efficiency

Regular servicing by an air conditioning engineer keeps the system running more efficiently. Clogged filters, dirty coils, and other issues make the system work harder to do its job, using more energy in the process. An inefficient air conditioning system means higher energy bills and bigger carbon footprints. Inefficient systems are bad for the environment and your wallet!

Longer lifespan

As with any major piece of equipment, regular servicing will extend the operational lifespan of your system. Although there’s always a limit to how long any model is going to last, regular care and attention, by a qualified professional, will ensure that you get full value from your air conditioning installation. It’s important to note that one faulty part within the system can put additional stress on other components. The sooner faulty parts are replaced, the more efficiently the system will run overall.

Fewer repairs and lower overall running costs

If you’ve experienced a breakdown, where your air conditioning system seems to be running fine then, unexpectedly, the system suddenly stops working, you’re not alone. During our many years of installing, maintaining and fixing air con systems, we’re all too familiar with systems which have broken down ‘out of the blue’. Suddenly you need costly emergency repairs. Often, these unexpected repairs could be managed, or avoided altogether, with routine servicing and maintenance.

When you call out Cooling Energy Services to service your air conditioning system, our technicians will check for worn-down or damaged parts, to recommend their immediate replacement. At the same time, cleaning important components, like the air filters and the condensers, will extend the life of components and delay the need to replace them.

Improved air quality

Open up the front panel of any air conditioning system and you won’t be in any doubt that the system is cleaning the air in your environment. Unless it’s been cleaned very recently, or brand new, you will see lots of dust build-up in the air filter. The more dust that has built up in the air filter, the less effective the air purifying function of the system will be.

Regular air con servicing ensures that everyone is breathing cleaner air. During your service, our engineers will clean the air filters, or replace them if needed, to ensure that the filter is working as it should do.

How often should your air conditioning be serviced?

The frequency that your air conditioning system should be serviced depends on several factors, including the model, its age and how it’s used. To keep running costs at a minimum, and to keep temperatures at the appropriate levels of comfort, manufacturers typically recommend that air conditioning units receive a routine service at least twice a year.

Next steps to affordable air conditioning servicing

CES perform air conditioning servicing in Southampton, Hampshire, Bournemouth, Dorset and across the South of England. We provide affordable maintenance packages to businesses including retail outlets, commercial buildings, leisure establishments and householders.

To learn more about air conditioning maintenance in Southampton and surrounding areas, call us now on 01202 937 550 or contact us online and a member of our friendly team will be in touch shortly.

Why you should consider getting your office air conditioning Southampton installed this winter

When you think of air conditioning, you may just think it’s necessary for summer to keep you and your staff cool, but office air conditioning is actually an all year round necessity. In this article, we look at the advantages of getting air conditioning installed in your Southampton office this winter.

Maintain optimum room temperatures

The air conditioning units that we supply to offices benefit from having hot and cold air capabilities, which mean you can benefit from perfect office temperatures all year round. Staff will feel much more comfortable in an office that isn’t matching the 2-degree temperatures we get outside in the depths of winter. The user-friendly air conditioning installations that we integrate into many offices in and around Southampton provide a simple solution, and we always ensure your staff will get the correct training to use the systems if needs-be.

Avoid moisture damage

It’s important to remember that an air con unit is for conditioning, not cooling, so it’s job is to keep the air adequately conditioned. In the summer months, this will keep the air circulating properly and help to cool down the room, in cooler periods of the year, an air conditioning unit will help you to avoid moisture damage within an office helping you to avoid mold and damp patches in areas that are at risk the most.

Heating units that are hidden

We’ve all been there, December hits and everyone is sat at their desk in scarves and hats, with their small heating unit blasting out hot air, and before long, you have a sea of heaters taking up the office space. The office air conditioning units that we install are discreet and will be able to heat a whole room effectively, without the use of extra units.

A cost-effective temperature control solution for your Southampton office

Does your electric bill ramp up at this time of the year? Small personal heating units use a lot of energy and are usually not very energy efficient, let alone cost-effective. By installing air conditioning in your office, you are likely to understand how much electricity you are using and therefore will be able to save money in the long run.

Installed by professionals

By choosing Cooling Energy Services for your air conditioning Southampton, you will benefit from 25 years of experience from professionals within the industry. We’ve been installing, servicing, maintaining and repairing office air conditioning for many businesses, both large and small in Dorset and Hampshire, so we will know the best solution for you.

We also offer an extensive repair service for air conditioning Southampton, find out more in one of our recent blog posts here.

Contact CES online or call 01202 937 550 now to speak to one of the team and arrange an initial meeting to discuss your office air conditioning requirements.

Air conditioning installers in Dorset & Hampshire, why choose CES for your air con installation?

Finding suitable air conditioning installers to install a new system in your business can be an unwelcome distraction that you may want to avoid handling. After all, you are busy running your business. With so many air conditioning suppliers vying for your business, it can be confusing. We thought it would be helpful to compile a simple guide on key factors to consider when choosing the best air conditioning installers in Dorset and Hampshire, for you and your business.

Whether you need to cool down a small shop, or a large commercial building, choosing the best commercial air conditioning installers will ensure you get the most cost-effective system, installed and maintained with minimal disturbance to your operations.

When evaluating air conditioning installers in Dorset and Hampshire, consider these important factors to get an air conditioning solution that meets your needs and enhances your business:

Selecting air conditioning installers? Consider these important factors

Established air conditioning service company

There is no substitute for experience! Over the years, CES engineers have installed air conditioning in the full range of businesses and environments. When it comes to air conditioning, we’ve seen it all!

With over 30 years’ experience, CES engineers are experts in all aspects of air conditioning solutions from installation, to maintenance and servicing, and repairs

Trusted experts

Our established reputation as a leading air conditioning company in Dorset and Hampshire has been built on our commitment to providing high-quality air-conditioning installations, backed by excellent service.

“CES understand the high standards that our company have and are most efficient in delivering well within time limits. I would highly recommend working with them. – Account Manager @ CBRE-EMEA

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Bespoke air conditioning solutions that meet unique business needs

Air conditioning systems come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and price tags. With so many systems available on the market, how do you know which make and model is the best fit for your space and your requirements? That’s where our experience comes in. We work with all leading air conditioning system manufacturers.

Whether you need to cool an office, temperature-control a warehouse, or refrigerate a food-store, our team will advise on the most effective and affordable options available.

Competitive prices

Here at Cooling Energy Services, we understand the importance of delivering the optimal solution within budget. After we’ve visited your premises to conduct a site survey, our team will work hard to give you the most cost-effective quote to match your requirements.

With CES, there are no hidden extras, the price you see on the quote is always the price you pay.

Fully guaranteed

Every air conditioning installation that we install has a minimum 1 – 3 year guarantee, depending on the manufacturer of the system installed.

Our engineers are highly experienced in working with all of the best systems from leading manufacturers. CES install, repair, service and maintain reputable and recognised brands including Garmin air conditioning, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Fujitsu and Toshiba.

Minimal disruption to your business

We understand that having an air conditioning system installed in your business can be a hassle. You want the job completed quickly and efficiently. With that in mind, our team work quickly and carefully, to ensure that the installation is completed to the highest standards and with minimal disruption.

“Our expert engineers work efficiently in a tidy manner that always results in Cooling Energy clients benefiting from an air conditioning system that they can rely on”

Qualified and accredited

For added assurance of our health and safety competence, Cooling Energy Services is SafeContractor and CHAS approved, in addition to being a member of Construction Line. All CES engineers hold F-Gas certification from Refcom and are Health & Safety accredited.

We follow industry standard safety procedures guided by the UK’s most respected associations.

“Our engineers are all fully qualified with Health and Safety Certifications, so you can rest assured that our work will be completed to the highest standard”

Free quotes and surveys

CES offer free initial surveys and quotes with absolutely no obligation. Our engineers will visit your premises to conduct a site survey. As part of our commitment to deliver the most cost-effective bespoke solution, your quote will detail the air conditioning units and system design for your spaces that will benefit you the most.

Air conditioning support services

With CES, clients can benefit from a full-service air conditioning solution, from installation, to servicing, to ongoing maintenance. Our expert engineers offer comprehensive air conditioning maintenance and service packages which are tailored to your needs. Our reputation as a market leading air conditioning company in Dorset and Hampshire has been built on our dedication to providing excellent customer service.

An air conditioning service package provides the peace of mind of knowing that your air conditioning system is in good hands. Choosing CES as your air conditioning contractor keeps your systems running smoothly, with key benefits including:

  1. Your dedicated account manager has it covered. Your project manager is your point of call. They are on-hand to offer advice, manage regular scheduled maintenance and they will dispatch our air conditioning repair service immediately, when needed.
  2. Planned preventative maintenance. Our engineers conduct regular checks to reduce the risk of unplanned disruptions, to ensure smooth-running of your air conditioning system. We also provide safe maintenance suggestions that you or your staff can complete to help reduce the risk of failure.
  3. Emergency call out service. When you need us most, we’ll be there. If necessary, we will work around the clock to be available should your system run into any unforeseen issues. We prioritise your business and get your air conditioning system back up and running as quickly as possible.

“Minimise your potential air conditioning downtime with a dedicated air conditioning maintenance partner”

Read more about the importance of air conditioning maintenance here >>

Would you like a survey?

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